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Series 60 Electric Actuator

The new 60 Series offers the new plastic housing design for a 60Nm torque output. With improved housing design including a new 'Wiring Box' with conduit entry and offering Failsafe function. Note this model will replace our Series 50 over the coming year. Available as our Basic On Off or Basic Failsafe or Smart series offering a wide range of features including On Off, Failsafe, Modulating, Hi Speed and BUS Communication.

Series 60 Electric Actuator

The new, all plastic IP67 quarter turn AVA compact Series 60 Electric Actuator offers 60Nm torque output with a Basic or Smart versions. The Basic version offers only open-close function with simple features, whereas the Smart Series 60 offers a full feature set all configurable via the external user friendly push buttons in conjunction with the bright OLED screen. 

Highlights of the AVA 60 Smart actuators options are local control, a new battery back-up failsafe, digital magnetic position sensing modulating, timer function and speed control. The control signal input in modulating versions is selectable via the push buttons and OLED screen.



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